None Drying Bedding Mastic (Hodgson Seamseal)



Suitable for external use, commonly used on caravan roof lights and rails

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A very popular sealant used by a large number of repair workshops all over the country

A versatile bedding sealant for a wide variety of joints found in caravan construction

It does not form a skin but the surface will become dry after a few days

This allows the sealant to accommodate movement without forming leak paths

It has excellent adhesion to coated metals and plastics and is designed for easy extrusion and tooling

It is not recommended for use with rubber gaskets

White in colour


All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease and loose particles 
Remove nozzle and cut to the required diameter, cut off the cartridge tip and screw on nozzle 

Using an applicator gun ensure the sealant is forced into the joint so that full contact is made with both joint surfaces

Tooling can be carried out with a spatula wetted with white spirit after application

It can also be cleaned off with white spirit