Maple Silicone



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Maple coloured silicone

After searching for a while we have managed to locate this silicone which official name is toffee however it is a very good match to our Maple boards 

  • Easy to apply – perimeter sealant 
  • Good flexibility 
  • Fast cure – tool within 8 minutes 
  • Low modulus neutral 
  • Colourfast UV resistant 
  • Stays permanently elasticated after curing 
  • Very good adhesion to man substrates 

Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from oil, grease, dust and loose materials 

Non porous substrates should be cleaned with a suitable solvent (Alcohol, MEK etc) 

Apply at temperature between +5 Degrees C to +35 Degree C

Cut nozzle at sharp angle and apply sealant with a gun ensuring good contact is made with the surfaces. 

Tool within 8 minutes 

Please note some surfaces may need priming