Magnum Pro Floor (Delamination Kit)



Glue kit designed to repair spongy floors in caravans & motorhomes

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De lamination kit for repairing “spongy” floors in caravans

In this 2 pack kit you get a mains substance and hardener which you mix together and then follow the instructions below

Below is a general instructions if you need any further info please call us and we will gladly talk you through it

Tradeweld Floor Kit Pro is used for the repair of delaminated floors in caravans – Motor Homes- Static – Commercial vehicles

By drilling a series of holes through the top of the floor it is possible to pour the adhesive and the panel is then pressed or clamped until cure has taken place

If delamination has occurred at an edge it may be possible to lift the facing slightly and apply the adhesive with a spatula

Tradeweld Floor Kit Pro is a two part – 100% solids – low viscosity – fast cure epoxy based adhesive

The product has a reasonable pot life for easy of use – but will be tack free overnight at 15°C

Although lower temperatures will slow the cure – Tradeweld Floor Kit Pro will continue to cure at temperatures close to freezing point

The low volatility of the Resins and curing agent means that the kit will be of a low odour for greater user comfort

Being a 100% solids material it will cure in totally enclosed spaces and since it contains no solvent it will not attack sensitive plastics e.g. polystyrene