Magnum M400 Wallboard Adhesive

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  • 1.3Kg – TBC
  • 2.2Kg – ADHM00173
  • 6.5Kg – ADHM00174
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Wallboard repair glue

This product is used for repairs, specifically to adhesive wallboard/lining board to timber and polystyrene

There are three sizes available

  • 1.3Kg kit – Roughly cover 4ft x 4ft Sheet for small repairs
  • 2.2kg kit – Roughly covers 1 x 8ft x 4ft Sheet
  • 6.5Kg kit – Roughly covers 3 x 8ft x 4ft Sheets
Important notice

You cannot mix half a tub at a time! You can only mix the full hardener with the full base glue. If you mix half and half it will not work

A two component polyurethane adhesive

The formulation has been designed to give ease of mixing for notched scraper applications such as cladding

This filled adhesive has been formulated for the bonding of uPVC laminates, timber based products, plastic coated metal sheets, and many other sheet materials

The material has thixotropic properties to avoid slump of adhesive while repositioning laminates to be bonded

Trade PUR M400 is ideally suited for repairing caravans where repositioning is required as M400 will give a better “slip” than most of this type of adhesive

E.g. where new panels are applied, then pushed up and under a lip on an existing panel

Download technical data sheet here: M400 Datasheet