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New for 2022 Thetford Powerpod Blue

Each PowerPod Blue provides up to 5 days of outstanding odour control, having one box pouch offering up to 100 days of convenience.

The fragrance used, is the traditional Aqua Kem® Blue. Van Noesel: “The pod packaging is protecting both the product and the end user.

Nevertheless, it quickly dissolves in the 2 to 3 litres of cold water added to the waste-holding tank to release the product.

In addition to superior odour control, these PowerPods® reduce gas build-up and liquefy waste for easier tank emptying.”

  • The power of Thetford liquids in a pod
  • Convenient pre-dosed pod for maximum ease of use
  • 1 dosage lasts up to 5 days
  • Superior odour control
  • Reduced gas build up
  • Liquefies waste for easier tank emptying