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Neutralising odours, instantly and effectively
This easy odour removal product is the perfect natural room spray for easy odour removal in your home. It uses odour eliminating technology making it the perfect pet odour neutraliser that leaves a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance in your home. PowAir Spray works by attacking odours at their source, so you can be sure that any unpleasant odours will be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

How to Use PowAir Spray

Using this easy odour removal spray is simple and effective. First, identify the areas of your home that require odour neutralisation, such as pet bedding or the atmosphere in your living space. Next, hold the spray bottle approximately 6 inches away from the area and spray evenly to ensure full coverage. Finally, allow the product to sit for a few minutes before enjoying the fast odour neutralisation of this natural room spray and the fresh scent that it brings to your home.


Please note: We recommend performing a patch test on a small, hidden area of the subject before continuing use to ensure colour fastness.