PowAir Apple Crumble Odour Neutaliser Block



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Eliminate Odours Effectively

PowAir Block is an innovative product in a solid form, designed to eliminate vehicle and household odours. It uses a unique, natural formula that actively captures and neutralises odours on contact, without the use of masking agents or perfumes. With its special formulation, it is also safe for use around children and pets. This pet safe odour removal agent has been tested and is perfect for use in residential and commercial environments, making it a brilliant solution for removing cat litter odours and other pet unpleasant smells.

This natural odour eliminator is super easy for all to use. Simply unscrew the lid of your PowAir Block, remove the seal and replace the vented lid. For extra protection against bad smells, you can also use this solid odour neutraliser in small spaces such as closets and cabinets.