Supernova 120 LED Lighting System – Extension Kit



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This is the SuperNova LED light extension unit from Quest which combines high end features with great build quality and extras to give you an excellent light, which is used to extend the SuperNova LED light (main unit). This extension unit must be used in conjunction with at least one SuperNova LED light (main unit), the light is 120cm long with 180 LED’s inside which give it an amazing amount of light. A single light is enough to light up a large family tent. The use of LED’s ensures that it is low wattage (critical for those camp sites), highly efficient and economical to run. The light also comes with an extra long 500cm cable which makes sure you can place you light where ever you wish. It comes with both large S hooks and velcro loops giving you different options for attaching it inside your vehicle, tent, awning, garage and more.
To use the extension you simply plug this extension (using the supplied 500cm cable) into the end of your existing SuperNova LED light and that is it. This light then runs from the main lights power and remote control, giving you twice teh light you had without the need for extra sockets or remotes. You can even add a third light giving you even more expansion potential.


Must be used in conjunction with SuperNova LED (main unit)
Low wattage
1200 Lumens
Super bright LED lights for maximum performance.
180 LED’s
IP56 Water and dust rating
Extra long 5M cable
Indoor and Outdoor use
You can change the intensity of the lights
S hooks
Velcro straps
Can be used on 240V or 12V

Light length: 120cm
Cable length: 500cm
Weight: 0.65 kg.
Water and Dust rating: IP56
CE Approved
LED’s: 180
Lumens: 1200