Fiamma LED Strip Light For Fiamma F80s & F65s Awnings 98655Z171



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Updated for 2024 the new 98655Z171 LED strip light

The LED strip is now the new COB style which means you no longer see a long line of individual dot they are not a nice steady bright glow.

The Fiamma LED Strip Awning Kit, a specific LED lighting kit designed for the F65L or F80s awnings.

The kit consists of 5m LED sticky strip which can be easily shortened.

Supplied as standard with 10 PVC 50 cm lenses that click onto the moulding on the awnings.

If you have a F65s they only work on the font lead rail.

If you have the F80s you can also use them on the case side that stays on the van also, so you have light on the case, the lead rail of both.

The LED strip provides an even spread of neutral white 4000°k light to illuminate the space beneath the awning. It is powered via jack connector and cigarette lighter (12V).

– Suitable for: F80s, F80L, F65L and F65Eagle awnings

– LED colour: Neutral white

– Tone: 4000°k

– Light cone angle: 120°

– Lumen: 5115

– N° LED: COB*

– Voltage: 12V

– Absorbed power: 55W

– Electric input: 4.58A

– IP protection rating: IP65

– Weight: 0.3kg

*Chip On Board: LED strips that create homogeneous lines of light without the classic dotted effect.