Magnum Shower Room (B)

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A Shower room set up for using the Thetford bench toilets

Once you have your walls lined out then this is an option for everything you need in 1 kit

The overall internal wall width is 670mm

The overall length varies as you can trim up to up to 190mm off the length of the shower tray

This makes the length between 1093mm x 1283mm

The kit consists of

Shower tray 910mm x 670mm (complete with waste fitting)

A C400 Toilet – left or right hand – Choice Of Thetford 402c (12v flush with own flush water holding tank) or Thetford 403L (12v flush which plumbs directly into your cold water supply)

Thetford cassette access door

Classic tip up basin MK 2

Whale shower mixer tap (fits into the Classic basin and pull out to become the shower)

Classic mirrored cabinet

Price Breakdown
  • Shower tray 910mm x 670mm  £52.95
  • Medium straight waste £4.60
  • Thetford toilet 402 or 403 – £399 or £420
  • Classic tip up basin MK 2 £152.95
  • Thetford access door £42.95
  • Whale pull out shower tap £79.95
  • Classic mirrored cabinet £84.95
  • Total with 402 Toilet £817.35
  • Total with 403 Toilet £838.35

Photo one shows our display unit set up