Nordic Ash Furniture Doors – Flat




Nordic Ash is new for 2019

A full range of flat doors to match our Nordic Ash furniture range

Selection of sizes to give various options on layouts

All doors are solid all the way through but light weight, allowing you use either way up and any combinations of hinges & handles

Cores are made from light weight MDF with matching furniture foil and ABS edging

Finished thickness of 15mm (+/- 1mm)

SIZES: (+/-5MM) 

  • 250mm x 170mm
  • 505mm x 170mm
  • 250mm x 610mm
  • 300mm x 550mm
  • 300mm x 800mm
  • 300mm x 1150mm

Bathroom door also available, the bathroom doors are 24mm thick

505mm wide x 1865mm