Outdoor Chef MiniChef P-420G BBQ



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Practical and compact – but with a whole lot of power and a large enough grill surface to surprise all your flatmates with delicious specialities at the barbecue.

In addition, the core of the barbecue is the unique funnel system, which ensures even heat distribution and protects the food to be grilled from harmful flare-ups since the burners are completely protected.

Some of the fat and meat juice that lands on the funnel evaporates, which gives the food that typically intense barbecue flavour.

Moreover, combining the much loved unique funnel system of OutdoorChef which offers perfect BBQ cooking, baking and grilling results without flare ups for a no burn system.

Features of the Mini Chef 420:

  • Unique funnel system with even heat distribution
  • No need to turn the food to be grilled
  • No harmful flare-ups
  • Single ring-burner system, porcelain-enamelled
  • From 0 to 360 degrees in 10 minutes
  • Piezo ignition
  • Porcelain-enamelled kettle, funnel and barbecue grid
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy transport
  • 2 side shelves, removable
  • Space for preparation, compact size
  • Cooking grid: 39.5cm
  • Working height: 30 cm
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Dimensions in cm: H 43 × W 78 × D 53
  • Burner output: 4.3 kW


The MiniChef 420 BBQ features a high quality enamelled bowl and lid. Just like the OutdoorChef gas BBQ range but under the porcelain enamelled grill is where the differences are shown.

Beneath this element is a funnel heat reflector which bounces the heat and flavour vapours back up to the grill. Moreover, the fats and juices from foods drip down the funnel system into the drip cup below the bowl. Ensuring quick and easy cleaning of the BBQ. Finally, this reflector is covered with an exchangeable foil cover offering even greater heat reflection, protection and easy cleaning.

The support ring supplied allows other methods of cooking. To take advantage of this, you simply remove the barbecue grid and insert the support ring. Then place your cooking utensil such as gourmet set or griddle plate on top. Above all, the cooking opportunities with Outdoorchef are endless!

In addition, the BBQ itself features two removable side shelves. This offers additional preparation space and allows the BBQ to be made more compact for storage. In conclusion, this barbecue is perfect for you, finally achieve  mouthwatering meat you have always desired!

Supplied With A 37Mbar Clip On Propane Gas Hose And Regulator.