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DIY Van Conversions
We have dedicated this page to some of our CUSTOMER'S PROJECTS .

If you would like to submit your project for this page, please contact us.

The vehicle below has been converted by one of our customers using many parts purchased from our store
The customer has used the Maple furniture boarding, radius corners, edging profiles, knock in edgings and a variety of surplus doors

Balboa wallboard has been used on the walls and White Lopez on the roof  

Externally there are Seitz S4 windows and a external main entry door.

Appliances on the inside include:
  • Smev 8002 hob 
  • Smev 8005 sink 
  • RM7270 fridge 
  • Smev 20l oven & grill 
  • Truma 3002 fire 
  • Thetford cassette toilet 
  • Classic tip up basin 
  • Classic bathroom cabinet 

The sockets and switches are from our CBE range and the lights are from our Lumo range.  

Again this has been constructed using almost everything from our warehouse. 

The choice of colour is Maple furniture board, Maple radius corner, knock in edging and some surplus interior doors

The walls are in Balboa wall boarding, the ceiling is in Parva and garage area is lined in White Hard Glaze boarding. 

On the exterior there are Seitz windows & Fiamma F45 awning  

The bathroom area has a swivel shower tray, Thetford cassette toilet, Cleo tip up basin, Comet exclusive shower mixer tap and magnum raiser bar kit 

Appliances used are:
  • Smev 8002 hob 
  • Smev 8005 sink 
  • RM7270 fridge 

Appliances used but not shown are:
  • Fiamma 70l water tank & filler kit 
  • Malaga gas & electric water heater 
  • Propex HS2000 blow air heater 
  • PMS3H electrical control unit 

Citroen Relay 2 Berth
Almost everything in this vehicle was made from parts from our warehouse. 

Externally Seitz windows were used. 

Maple furniture boarding & trims together with some pre made surplus lockers doors

On the walls the chosen boarding was Balboa & Parva on the ceiling. 

The sink on show is the Spinflo argent sink & drainer and next to it is a Spinflo caprice full height cooker. 

The fridge used is a RM4210 

Behind the large door at the rear is a shower room constructed using Magnum shower room B 

You can also see in use the Fiamma pole set with a table top.  

A customer's conversion using parts mainly sourced from us at Magnum Motorhomes.

The furniture is constructed from our Maple furniture boards & trims 

In the bathroom they have used a Thetford C200CS toilet, Cleo tip up basin, Cleo cabinet, Comet Roma mixer tap, Comet Roma shower mixer, raiser bar kit and swivel shower tray 

The windows are Seitz S4 windows, various sizes.

They have also used a Waeco fridge, I believe a CR65 
Other appliances Used:

  • Smev 9222 combination unit 
  • Smev 30l oven & grill 
  • PMS power supply unit 
  • CBE sockets & switches 
  • Hafele push catches 
  • Fiamma table leg set 
  • Mini Heki rooflights 

As you can see they have made the most of their layout and optimized space where possible, the build took roughly 5 months from start to finish a great example of what can be achieved.

Newly finished Fiat Ducato 3 Berth conversion.

Great finishes all round with a great example of what can be done with the rear doors.

Using carpet & off cuts of wallboard you can see how they have been able to finish the rear doors very nicely, they also applied this method to the sliding door.

Also the single seat you can see from the side door pulls out to make a single bed.

On the exterior they have used Seitz windows various sizes. You can also see the Fiamma locking water filler to allow them to fill up their on board tank externally.

The furniture is made from Maple furniture boards & trims a great example of how well our radius corner can make the conversions look professional with the minimum effort.

Internal appliances that you can see are:

  • Comet Roma mixer tap 
  • Spinflo Argent sink & drainer 
  • Spinflo Caprice full height cooker
  • CBE sockets & switches 
  • Mini Heki rooflight 

All in all a very professional finish throughout, and another great example of what can be achieved.

Here we have a great example of what can achieved using our light oak boards and trims.

The vehicle is a VW Crafter LWB high roof.

A really good example of how you can make your own doors any shape any size using the 12mm furniture board and our edging profile. You can see that the customer has mitered the corners of the edging profile to make a frame round the 12mm board and has made all locker doors including the bathroom door.

He has also used the edging profile to trim the interior frame of the widows, making everything match and look professional.

There is a nice bathroom at the rear but I could not get a good enough photo, but believe me behind the door is a nice spacious shower room area with toilet.

From the outside you can see he has used Seitz S4 windows 

In the ceiling he has used Fri Light Nova LED lights, 6 in the living area and 2 in the shower room area.

Appliances on show are:

  • Spinflo Caprice full height cooker 
  • Smev 8306 sink and drainer
  • Dometic fridge 7 series
Everything else is neatly hidden away all controllable by a few switches and dials.

You can tell time has been taken to make sure the finish is pristine, and it shows.

Great quality finish using the Maple furniture and Maple doors.

A professional look with exterior extras such as Omni Step slide out step and Prostor awning  

A good combination of wall lining carpet and Maple trimming makes for a luxury interior finish.

Handy custom made shelving using maple boards and knock in edging.

Kitchen bottom doors also made from the Maple boarding with knock in edging.

In the rear they have used Seitz windows on the back doors and both side panels making panoramic views from the living area.

CBE sockets & switches and control panel used throughout giving a professional finish.