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About Our New Insulation

Insulation is one of the areas where it is hard to get an exact answer on what you should and should not use when trying to insulate your van conversion. When starting out on our display van we spoke to a number of contacts in the campervan industry, along with the National Insulation Council and we could not come to a conclusive answer.

We worked out that it was good practice to use a vapor barrier attached to the steel of the vehicle to stop condensation, then to fill the voids with "loose fill" insulation created a good solution.

With the demand for more and more campervan conversions comes the demand for some proper insulation for the DIY builder. This year we have come across what we believe to be a good combination of products for this job.

Thermoliner is lightweight and strong thermo-acoustic sheeting that works as sound deadening, vapor barrier and insulation all in one product. It is flexible and comes stick backed so is also easy to install. You simply peel the backing paper off the Thermoliner and stick it back direct to the steel walls and roof of your conversion.

Dacron is a white polyester "loose fill" insulation that we recommned is used to fill the gaps between the Thermoliner & the internal boarding of your conversion.

Premium Gold Floor Insulation is a good solution for floors, it also works as a vapor barrier, sound deadening and insulation. With it being 5mm thick and fleixble it also absorbs any imperfections in the floor of your vehicle.

We feel a combination of the 3 above products give good, effective solution to your insulation needs on a van conversion.

More info and some pictures of them in use to follow

Example of Premium Gold Floor Insulation:

We fitted some of the Premium golf floor insulation to a VW T5 short wheel base, it come son a 1m wide roll so is easy to work with. We decided to have the joint running the length of the van so needed 2 strips the length of the van floor.

First job was to clear the floor of any loose parts or old screws and hoover up debris. After which we offered the first strip in place and cut to shape using a Stanley knife.

Once happy with the shape, using our High Temp Spray glue we sprayed the floor and the back of the insulation, leaving them for a minute or 2 until tacky then pressed down into position. As the insulation is foam and 5mm thick it shaped to the floor of the van nicely.

We then took the second strip and overlapped the foil excess edging on the joint, cut it to shape and repeated the process.

More to follow;